In recent years, the scientific community of researchers in OA imaging has increased exponentially.  Since its inception seven years ago, the IWOAI has provided a dedicated and interpersonal outlet for a wealth of clinical and imaging data to be communicated and promoted.  This has ultimately become a tremendous resource for all those involved in supporting OA imaging initiatives. 
It is an honor for the IWOAI to recognize those who have displayed clear excellence in the field sponsored by two of our top supporters.


Congratulations to our 2014 recipients!

Best Rated Paper


The goal of the IWOAI Best Rated Paper is to place emphasis on excellence in imaging research pertaining to osteoarthritis. The BSP will be determined through grading and review by the scientific committee of the submitted scientific abstracts. 


Young investigator Award

In order to encourage the development of OA imaging, the IWOAI will recognize the top 5 students or trainees for their accomplishments through their presented abstracts.  Awards will be given to the top three individuals (among the top 5 presentations) that have displayed their dedication to the future of OA imaging and related initiatives. All candidates and winners will be reviewed and determined by the scientific committee. 

2014 recipients of The Young Investigator Award


Ida Kristin Haugen

MRI predicts future joint space narrowing and development of erosive disease 5 years later in patients with hand OA.


Janton Van der Woude 

Structural survival of the knee joint five years after joint distraction.


Jos Runhaar

Comparing radiographs and MRI for the prediction of incident knee OA and Knee pain in overweight and obese womenn after 30 months.




2014 Best Rated Paper:  Frank W. Roemer

MRI-based long term prediction of incident radiographic osteoarthritis: Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative

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