The International Workshop on Osteoarthritis Imaging started in 2007.  It provides an interactive environment for those interested in osteoarthritis imaging to learn and network. Participants represent the diverse scope of the field and include professionals from specialties including medicine, surgery, radiology, medical physics and physiotherapists, as well as a broad array of professional backgrounds including academia, industry, government and regulatory agencies. 






Oulu, Finland

2015 Overview

This workshop explores the rapidly developing MRI and other imaging modalities for assessment of osteoarthritis (OA). The main emphasis will be on the technological development of new applications of MRI in osteoarthritis and their potential applications in clinical research, clinical trials and eventually in treatment of OA, including application of rapid imaging for morphology, biochemical imaging, and ultra-short echo time imaging. The talks will focus on recent advances in designs of pulse sequence, coil designs, and applications to enhance our understanding of the OA disease process. The workshop will greatly emphasize inclusiveness of international speakers and attendees.


2015 Program Highlights
  • New Frontiers in MR Imaging of OA

  • Imaging in post-injury knee OA

  • Joint Biomechanics in OA: The Role of Imaging

  • Recent Insights from Joint Imaging in Population and Clinical Studies

  • Quantitative Data from Joint Images:

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