8th International Workshop on Osteoarthritis Imaging


"Imaging Based Measures of Osteoarthritis"    

        September 11-14, 2015 - Asilomar Conference Center Pacific Grove, CA USA

    Meeting Organizers:  Gerry E. Gold MD adn Michel C. Nevitt, PhD ___         


                                                             Scientific Program Committee

                                      Martin Englund, MD, PhD                  Thorvaldur Ingvarsson, MD, PhD

                                      Richard Frobell, PhD                         Jeffrey Katz, MD MSc             

                                      Garry Gold, MD                                 Kristleifur Kristjansson, MD

Tuesday July 8

The Blue Lagoon

12:00PM - 7:00 PM

Thursday July 10 Continued

Visit to the Blue Lagoon is a must do and the most astonishing natural geothermal spa along with the most visited attraction in Iceland.  The spa is located in a lava field in Gindavik on the Eykjanes Peninsula.  Package includes tour and transportation to the Blue Lagoon www.re.is/DayTours/BlueLagoon


Transportation departure meeting at Reykjavik Hotel Marina at 11:45 am.

Wednesday July 9

Pre-Course, Welcoming,

Imaging and OA, and pain in OA

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

12:30 PM - 2:15 PM

2:15 PM - 2:30 PM

2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

4:00PM - 4:30PM

4:30PM - 6:00PM

8:00 PM 

Pre-course - A tour and workshop at Össur -

A global leader of non-invasive orthopedics.


Workshop: Do braces have a role in the treatment of OA of the knee? Introduction to the Össur Unloader One® brace.

Hosts: Thorvaldur Ingvarsson, MD, PhD (Senior VP of R&D), Kristleifur Kristjansson, MD (Medical Officer)


Össur, known as a technical leader in the field of prosthetics and bionic solutions for lower limb amputees is also one of the leading companies in bracing and supports.  With increased emphasis on indication based solutions, Össur has developed dynamic braces such as the Unloader One® for the relief of pain and improvement of mobility of people with knee osteoarthritis. 


Welcome and Introduction of the Workshop and Social ProgramAli Guermazi, MD, PhD

Module 1: Imaging in Osteoarthritis

Moderator: C. Kent Kwoh


2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Invited Lecture: David Felson, MD, MPH

What role does imaging have in epidemiological studies (and clinical trials) of early OA?


3:00 pm - 3:15 pm

Lynch J.A., Liu F., Jungmann P., Lane N., Link T., Nevitt M.C.

Quantitative join space width loss measured in hips with radiographic osteoarthritis from the Osteoarthritis Initiative


3:15 PM – 3:30 PM

Kwoh C.K., Hannon M.J., Fujii T., Guermazi A., Boudreau R., Hunter D.J., Eckstein F., Grago J., Roemer F.W.

Recent knee injury or knee surgery is associated with worsening findings on MRI within 12 months prior the development of incident radiographic osteoarthritis: Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative


3:30 PM – 3:45 PM

Ratzlaff C., Russell R., Duryea J.

Quantitatively measured bone marrow lesions in the patellofemoral joint: distribution and association with pain


3:45 PM – 4:00 PM

Roemer F.W., Kwoh C.K., Hannon M.J., Hunter D.J., Boudreau R., Eckstein F., Fujii T., Guermazi A.

MRI-based long term prediction of incident radiographic osteoarthritis: Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative (Best Rated Paper Award)


Module 2: Imaging and Pain in OA

Moderator: Floris Lafeber


4:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Invited Lecture: Pain in OA: What has imaging taught us?

C. Kent Kwoh


5:00 PM – 5:15 PM

Cotofana S., Hannon J.M., Eckstein. F., Grago J., Wirth W., Hunter D.J., Kwoh C.K.

Are denuded areas of subchondral bone related to localized knee or regional pain as evaluated by the knee pain map? – Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative


5:15 PM – 5:30 PM

Schiphof D., Oei E.H.G, Waarsing J.H., Bierma-Zeinstra S.M.A.

KOOS scores differ with uni- or bilateral knee OA based on MRI


5:30 PM – 5:45 PM

Engelke K., Chappard C., Lowitz T., Museyko O., Laouisset L., Bousson V.,Laredo J.-D. Quantitative analysis of subchondral bone structure in knee OA at different levels of spatial resolution using clinical whole body and high resolution peripheral CT scanners


5:45 PM – 6:00 PM

Pedoia V., Lansdown D., Zaid M., Ma C.B., Li X

3D MRI based analysis of the knee shape in patient with ACL injuries

Dinner at The Grill Market or Grillmarkadurinn.

Enjoy farmed sheep meat, one of the

best in the World. http://www.grillmarkadurinn.is/en

Thursday July 10

9:00AM - 10:30AM

Module 3: New Techniques in Imaging


Moderator: Miika Nieminen


9:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Invited Lecture: MRI advances and application in OA assessment (2D vs 3D, high field strength MRI, ultrashort echo (UTE) MRI)

John Carrino


9:30 AM – 9:45 AM

Wang A., Abramson E., Pedoia V., Kretzschmar M., Nardo L., Link T.M., Ma C.B., Li X.

MR T1ρ & T2 of meniscus after acute anterior cruciate ligament injuries


9:45 AM – 10:00 AM

Segal N.A., Frick E., Nevitt M.C., Torner J.C., Felson D.T., Guermazi A., Anderson D.D

Association between measurements of joint space width on standing CT and WORMS cartilage morphology


10:00 AM – 10:15 AM

Kashyap S., Sonka M

Automated algorithm for 3D MR segmentation and sub-plate detection in 3D MRI: Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative


10:15 AM – 10:30 AM

Crema M.D., Hunter D.J., Burstein D., Roemer F.W., Li L., Krishnan N., Silva Jr J.R., Marra M.D., Le-Graverand M.-P., Guermazi A.

Change in delayed gadolinium-enhanced MRI of tibiofemoral cartilage (dGEMRIC) indices are not associated with cartilage loss over 1 year: A longitudinal 3.0 T MRI study

10:30AM - 11:00AM

11:00AM - 12:00PM




5 Top Rated Abstracts from Young Investigators with 3 awards to the best ranked abstracts


Moderator: David Wilson


11:00 AM – 11:12 AM

Haugen I.K., Slatkowsky-Christensen B., Sesseng S., van der Heijde D., Kvien T.K

MRI predicts future joint space narrowing and development of erosive disease 5 years later in patients with hand OA. (Young Investigator Award)


11:12 AM – 11:24 AM

Van der Woude J.A.D., Intema F., Wiegant K., Van Roermund P., Maschek, S., Eckstein F., Mastbergen S.C., Lafeber F.P.J.G.

Structural survival of the knee joint five years after joint distraction. (Young Investigator Award)


11:24 AM – 11:36 AM

Runhaar J., van Middelkoop M., Reijman M., Oei E.H.G., Bierma-Zeinstra S.M.A.

Comparing radiographs and MRI for the prediction of incident knee OA and knee pain in overweight and obese women after 30 months. (Young Investigator Award)


11:36 AM – 11:48 AM

Podlipská J., Koski J.M., Liukkonen E., Tervonen O., Arokoski J.P., Saarakkala S.

Association of ultrasonography with radiography and knee pain in knee osteoarthritis


11:48 AM – 12:00 PM

Zhang F., Kumm J., Svensson F., Turkiewicz A., Frobell R., Englund M.

Risk factors for meniscal body extrusion on MRI in subjects free of radiographic knee osteoarthritis: Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative

12:00PM - 2:00PM


2:00PM - 3:30PM

Module 4: Risk factors and structural outcomes


Moderator: David J. Hunter


2:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Invited lecture: Challenges in studying risk factors for OA progression.

Yuqing Zhang


2:30 PM – 2:45 PM

Ruhdorfer A.S., Dannhauer T., Wirth W., Eckstein F.

Longitudinal analysis of thigh muscle, subcutaneous and intermuscular adipose tissue area in knees with chronic pain.


2:45 PM – 3:00 PM

van Meer B.L., Oei E.H.G., Meuffels D.E., van Arkel E.R.A., Verhaar J.A.N., Bierma-Zeinstra S.M.A., Reijman M.

Which predictors are related to degenerative changes of the knee following anterior cruciate ligament rupture?


3:00 PM – 3:15 PM

Maschek S., Wirth W., Kwoh C.K., Hunter D.J., Ladel C., Eckstein F.

Long term change and measurement variability of cartilage thickness in healthy reference subjects - Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative


3:15 PM – 3:30 PM

Donoghue C.R., Rao A., Rueckert D., Bull A.M.J.

Using manifold learning to discover OA imaging biomarkers for the prediction of joint function with data from the OAI

3:30PM - 6:00PM

Poster Session and Social



Gala Dinner at the Perlan (Pearl), the Reykjavik dome. Visit the Saga museum of history. The Perlan is a landmark building in Reykjavík. It is 25.7 meters high and is situated on the hill Öskjuhlíð where there had been hot water storage tanks for decades. In 1991 the tanks were updated and a hemispherical structure placed on top. Dinner will be served at the rotating restaurant with a panoramic view of the city. 






Private cocktail and musical reception  



Friday July 11

9:30AM - 10:30AM

Module 5:

Anti-NGF therapy in the clinical management of OA. The new horizon in pain reduction in osteoarthritis.


Moderator: Colin Miller


9:00 AM – 9:20 AM

Invited lecture: Background on aNGF therapy and results from the placebo-controlled clinical trials including the non-serious joint related adverse events.

Nancy Lane


9:20 AM – 9:40 AM

Invited Lecture: Adjudication process with results, conclusions and implications for future sponsored trials.

Marc Hochberg


9:40 AM – 10:00 AM

Invited Lecture: Clinical Development of Tanezumab for Chronic Pain

Christine West


10:00 AM – 10:15 AM

Roemer F.W., Miller C., Hoover K.B., Hayes C.W., Guermazi A.

Imaging findings in anti-nerve growth factor (a-NGF) studies: Relevance for eligibility and safety


10:15 AM – 10:30 AM

Guermazi A., Hellio-Le Graverand M.-P., Miller C., Roemer F.W.

Differences between radiologic assessment in osteoarthritis efficacy studies and nerve growth factor inhibitor programs: Relevance of radiography and MRI

10:30AM -12:30 PM

Poster Session and Social



Module 6: Looking at the same problem from both ends -New insights on the relevance of imaging in joint replacement and incident disease.

Moderator: Richard Frobell


2:00 PM – 2:24 PM

Joint replacement from a socio-economic perspective

Jeffrey Katz


2:24 PM – 2:48 PM

Morphologic MRI predictors of TKR

Frank Roemer


2:48 PM – 3:12 PM

Quantitative MRI predictors of TKR

Felix Eckstein


3:12 PM – 3:36 PM

Role of the meniscus in incident OA

Martin Englund


3:36 PM – 4:00 PM

Stratification of large OA trials to answer relevant questions: the example of imaging in the OAI

Michael C. Nevitt




4:00PM -4:30PM


Debate - Imaging - Challenges of a slowly progressive disease and implications in making clinical trials more efficient.


4:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Moderator: Michael C. Nevitt

Is MRI the next outcome measure to be approved by the FDA-EMEA?

Pros: David T. Felson

Cons: Jeffrey N. Katz


5:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Moderator: Stefan Lohmander

Are we conceptualizing the best OA clinical trials?

Pros: Marc Hochberg

Cons: David J. Hunter

2:00PM -4:00PM

12:30PM -2:00PM

4:30PM -6:30PM


Dinner at IDNO which is located in the heart of the city of Reykjavik, beside the City Pond, directly opposite the City Hall.  IDNO was built in 1897 and reconstructed in its original form in 1997.  It remains as it was in 1897, a testament to the grand vision of Iceland's artisans. http://www.idno.is/english.html 


Saturday July 12, 9 am

Golden Circle Tour


Golden Circle Tour: this is quite an impressive tour and a popular tourist route in South Iceland, covering about 300 km looping from Reykjavik into central Iceland and back. The three primary stops on the route are the national park Thingvellir, the waterfall Gullfoss (meaning "golden falls"), and the geothermally active valley of Haukadalur, which contains the geysers Geysir and Strokkur http://www.re.is/DayTours/Details/1346 


Transportation departure at Reykjavik Hotel Marina at 8:45 am.



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