Segmentation Challenge 2016

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The segmentation challenge is open to all fully and semi-automated segmentation routines. The data will consist of knee images, and segmentations of femur and tibia will be evaluated against reference segmentation.


Important dates:


 Deadline for submission is closed. 

 After registration an email with instruction for data download and submitting the results will be sent to all registered teams.

May 15th – Deadline for the submission of the segmentation data

June 17th – The results will be released at the segmentation session of IWOAI 2016


Rules for the IWOAI 2016 Knee Cartilage Segmentation Challenge:
  • The IWOAI 2016 Knee Cartilage Segmentation Challenge is open to all fully and semi-automated segmentation methods.

  • To participate the IWOAI 2016 Knee Cartilage Segmentation Challenge (later referred to as IWOAI2016KCSC) and download datasets for training and evaluation, each team must register by sending an email to by April 17th, 2016. The needed information is: Team name, number of team members and the name and contact information of the contact person of the team. Team can choose their name freely. The identity of the contact person will not be revealed.

  • The data sets and segmentation data for the training set will be released at April 1st. An email including instructions how to download the necessary data and further information about submitting the segmentation data for the evaluation set will be sent to all registered teams at that date or after registration. The submission deadline for the segmentations is May 15th, 23:59 CET.

  • The original data sets used for IWOAI2016KCSC and associated segmentation data, or any data derived from these data sets, must not be given nor redistributed under any circumstances to persons not belonging to the registered team.

  • The provided data is to be used exclusively for the purpose of developing segmentation algorithms for the knee cartilage and evaluating them via IWOAI2016KCSC. Use of the data for any other purposes requires explicit written permission from the organizers.

  • Commercial use of segmentation algorithms with the provided data (from training or evaluation data sets) as training material is not allowed.

  • The results of IWOAI2016KCSC will be released on Friday June 17th at 12:00 in the Segmentation session of the workshop. After the workshop, they will be available on IWOAI 2016 website. By submitting results, each team grants the organizer permission to release their results. Obviously, team maintains full ownership and rights to their methods and algorithms.

  • Each submitted segmentation data set must be accompanied by a pdf file describing the working principles of the system. The description should include information in such detail that others can re-implement it. Ideally, a scientific publication, technical report describing the method will be attached. The organizers has the right not to evaluate submissions whose description does not meet minimal requirements. If the team is willing to withhold detailed information about their method due to for example paper being still under review, the reasons should be indicated in the pdf file, still including brief description of the method.

  • The organisers of IWOAI2016KCSC may use the submitted results for future research studies, for example by investigating methods that combine results from multiple segmentation methods. If the results of any team will be used, their work will be cited.

  • All further questions and comments regarding IWOAI2016KCSC should be addressed via email

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